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Shane helps you take control of your Stripe account.

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Join my clients in lowering your failed payment rate by 15%


Failed Payments

Best Practices

Consulting that accelerates your growth.

Take control of your Stripe account with transparency and insights that helps fuel your company's growth.

Reduce Failed Payments

Open bank accounts with virtual cards, team management, API access, and more.

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Weekly Reports

Easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with just one click.

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Benchmark your SaaS against industry standards

Manage your account with confidence using our powerful mobile app.

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A technology-first approach to consulting

Not afraid to deep dive into your existing tech

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Proprietary Tooling

Working with many e-comm and SaaS companies I've developed special tooling to integrate Stripe quicker.

Monthly Reports

Track our progress over time. Reports are delivered at the end of each week. Each report is customized to your desired outcome.


I believe in transparency when it comes in your companies finances and team management.


I will work with your existing engineers, and team. I will use your existing tools, and team communication.

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