Midwest Streams-
Connecting Families

What is Midwest Streams?

Midwest Streams is a web-application that helps funeral directors web-cast a funeral. Using Midwest Streams a funeral director can upload a service, and share the service with the friends and family of the deceased.


In early 2012 I had an idea to webcast funerals. After talking with funeral directors, and families I decided to pursuit my idea. In August of 2013 I met my co-founder Kyle Fogarty, and Midwest Streams was born! After a long year of research and late nights coding, we finally had a usable product. In mid 2014 we aquired our first customers, and I went full time running the company in February of 2015.

How it works

We have a simple 3 step process to publish a service online


A funeral director sets up the camera and hits record.


Our web-application allows the funeral director to edit the service, then upload it to our system.


The video is then available to be viewed via a secure link, or published directly on the funeral homes website.

This week we have connected


Friends and Family to a Service

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