Shane White

Introducing HelloRender

I'm very excited to announce my new product HelloRender. HelloRender allows companies to dynamically generate videos targeted towards their customers. With HelloRender you can communicate with your clients 1-1 using video. 

How it works

Imagine this. You are the owner of a BarberShop. You can use HelloRender to send each customer who books an appointment a customized video.

Step 1: Upload a Base Video

Our team will take that video and creates a custom API that populates the base videos with your requested variables.

Step 2: Connect our API to your existing booking software or CRM

We help you connect your existing booking software to our API.

Step 3: Upon booking we generate a custom video tailored towards the customer

Step 4: Use your existing email provider to deliver the video

The customer receives an email with the video in it. We help you plug your existing email provider into HelloRender. Don't have an email provider? We can help you install one of our favorites such as SendGrid or Drip.

You provide the data we provide the video

HelloRender has a wide variety of use cases. Video is on the rise and people are much more engaged while watching a video. Increase engagement by delivering tailored videos to your customers. Check out some of our ues cases

  1. Onboarding videos for SaaS
  2. Appointment Reminders for Retail
  3. Deliver customized videos for your catering business
  4. Understand financial reports such as 401Ks
  5. Understanding your bill videos
  6. Much Much More!

Check out HelloRender today!