Shane White

My First Blog Post - Powered by ButterCMS

I have been meaning to do this for a while, but I have struggled to create a blog. As a software developer I found it didn't feel right to use a solution like Wix or WordPress, as I wanted the ability to use my programming skills to customize my blog. The problem- creating a blog is complex and extremely tedious, which includes creating and managing categories and storing meta-data. Don't even get me started on the complexity of compressing and hosting images!

Last week while attending MicroConf, I met Jake, the founder of ButterCMS. John told me about his new approach to creating a CMS and I was hooked. ButterCMS uses a different approach to managing content. Instead of being a whole platform that makes up your HTML/CSS with themes, ButterCMS is a simple API that you can call from your existing applications. 

Rob Walling and Mike Taber presenting at MicroConf
Rob Walling and Mike Taber presenting at MicroConf 2018

I am excited to have a simple-to-use blogging platform. Check back for more stories about entrepreneurship, C#, aviation, and other random ideas.